The Dress

March 20 - I put together the mock up for the lining and I'm super happy with it! See the back view here. Last night I cut the whole thing out and prayed it would all work out. So then I pinned the whole thing together and pleated the back. Wonder of wonders, the pleating worked out and looks awesome! So then I spent pretty much all day today handsewing all the seams. At this point. all I have left to do is attach the sleeves and skirt then hem. More pictures to come!

March 30 - Well, it snowed today and I couldn't get my tiny little Neon over the snow banks so I stayed home from work and pinned a bit. As if a blizzard in March wasn't enough, my silk dupioni hates me. Trying to get the stuff to lay flat while I pinned and sewed the cotton batting and lining to it was impossible! To the right you will see the petticoat (before batting and lining) pinned to my dress form. Once I had that all the way I wanted it, I pinned the gown skirt to the bodice. I was so excited by this that I had to do an experimental polonaise pinning. I love the if only the petticoat would cooperate...

April 18 - I have sleeves and a skirt! No pictures as of yet but I thought it was worth mentioning that I only have a few finishing details left and the polonaise is done! Which is a very good thing because I have 13 days left before the masquerade... In any case, still to do:

I can do that in less than two weeks...right? Right!

Later on April 18 - And we have pictures! Of course, as I was putting the darn thing on the dress form, I discovered that I was a half inch off when I attached one side of the skirt to the bodice. ARGH! So now I have to rip out and re-pleat the front couple of inches so it matches up. Otherwise, it will keep me up at night. *sigh* Well, at least I like the back view.

April 22 - I should have known better than to crow so loud about my gown. Since last we met, I sewed the lining down on the inside of the gown and of course I did it crooked. So now there's an obnoxious little wrinkle that makes the whole thing look stupid. I'm so running out of time and I now have to redo it! Good news is it was only one side. *humph* Of course, all this means that I probably won't get to quilt the petticoat. Ah well, I guess I'll just have to whip out those seed pearls I've been hoarding.

April 24 - Woot! My faith in this project has been restored! Check out how super awesome I look. So of course, here's the requisite back view. So, on my list of stuff left to do: sleeve ruffles, hem, trim, and seed pearls. I'm gonna finish! Oh, and here's one with me and Kate, my partner in crime.

May 2, 2005 - And it's done. I was sewing trim on in the car but I finished and competed and it was awesome! Here's a picture of the finished dress courtesy of Ithilwyn. It's been a fun ride...keep your eye out for a Violet Baudelaire dress, probably a regency, and definitely something for my mom for the renaissance faire in October.




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