The Master Plan

Well, here's the basic outline:
I am making an 18th century robe a'langlaise pleateden foureau to enter in the masquerade at Costume Con this year. It's my first try at this whole competition thing so I'm totally overachieving and handsewing the majority of the outfit. In any case, on with the fabric.

The dress fabric is a woven cotton brocade I found at Joanns for $2 a yard. I fell in love with the stripes and originally planned to make a Victorian walking dress out of it but changed my mind after picking up Costume Close Up from my library. The gown will have an open skirt with a quilted petticoat of pink silk dupioni. Well, hopefully it will be quilted...we'll see.

The pattern was sized up from a combination of the polonaise on pgs 36-7 of Patterns of Fashion and Gown #3 in Costume Close Up. I then draped those pattern pieces onto my dress dummy and adjusted them to my size. The shift is copied from Costume Close Up but is shortened to knee length for reasons to be revealed later. ;o) The stays are modified from Butterick 4484 to be strapless and back lacing. Other than that, I'm making things up as I go!

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