March 20 - Well, I'm about halfway through sewing the shift but it's kind of slow going because I keep getting distracted by my stays. The stays consist of two layers of white linen to hold the boning and an outer layer of pink silk dupioni. I put all the pieces together to check the fit but I assembled each piece separately. I then sewed through all three layers to form the boning casings (by machine, not by hand. I'm not that masochistic) then put all the pattern pieces together. Now, I am painstakingly hand sewing a pink linen lining to the inside before I bind the edges with cream colored bias tape. Woo!

March 27 - And I have something resembling underwear! The shift is finished (I cheated and used a machine) except for some minor seam finishing. The stays still need to be bound with the bias tape but wonder of wonders, they fit! And the first COMPLETELY finished part of this project is the bum roll. I made up the pattern by shaping a piece of wire around my hips over the stays. I then traced the wire onto some muslin, cut, and sewed. It'll do, it'll do. By the by, here's a back view.

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