Costumers I Love

  • Festive Attyre - Jen Thompson is my inspiration when it comes to Renaissance costuming.
  • Katherine's Dress Site - I stumbled upon Katherine's site quite by accident but I'm so glad I did though I blame my current hand sewing obsession on the discovery.
  • Mode Historique - Seriously awesome costumes and fun diaries from Sarah Lorraine.
  • - Last but not least, my desire for a cool German dress originated from the German noble woman dress on this site!
  • Demode Couture - Kendra's site is indispensable for any costumer. From inspiration to research, she's got it all!
  • A Fractured Fairy Tale - Aubry is my long lost twin, the Flirty to my Saucy - we've managed to coordinate/match at every costuming event we've attended together. Of course, she blows my skills right out of the water.